Nexus Projects

Water-Food-Energy Nexus :

  • Re-writing the Colorado River Compact
  • Hog Farms and Development eastern North Carolina
  • Otsego County – Milford – Cows and Tourism along Route 28 (Field of Dreams)
  • Breckenridge, CO – Summit County expansion and tourism
  • Colorado Ski Country- (Summit County) Snow-making, Ski Runs, and Parking Lots – geospatial, nexus considerations of Colorado’s ski industry
  • South Bay Salt Pond Tidal Marsh restoration: hyperspectral imaging, hypersaline environments, and public-private partnerships (Mountain View, CA)
  • Placer Mining and Gold Boats in Colorado Rockies
  • Platte River and Denver’s Growth: Connecting Historical Geography to Contemporary Human-Environment Interaction on the Front Range
  • Upstate NY – Downstate NYC: water challenges, Pepacton Reservoir and population displacement
  • Eastern North Carolina Coastal Plain: military use of land
  • Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge – Lake Pontchartrain:  Economic and Environmental Challenges and Opportunities
  • Lower Mississippi : Cajun Culture, Chemical Plants, and Ecosystem Challenges
  • Belize – Caribbean Edge: Economics and Eco-tourism
  • Hamun wetlands, Sistan Basin, and the Helmand River Watershed: Challenges and Opportunities in Southwestern Afghanistan and Southeastern Iran