Geospatial Projects

Geospatially enhancing the life of George Washington

The life of George Washington is beautifully displayed in the timeline found on George Washington’s Mount Vernon website ( ).

 Visual Teaching Technologies has brought to light a selection of timeline events that illustrate Washington’s roles as Major and Lieutenant military leader in the Virginia Colony, gentleman planter and innovative farmer at Mount Vernon, commander of the Continental Army, and first American president. Understanding the geospatial aspects—based on the Five Themes of Geography— provides richer insight into the challenges and opportunities George Washington confronted.

Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge (NWR)
A geospatial Visualization

The importance of the coastal wetlands to Lake Pontchartrain’s ecosystem health and to human life and livelihood on the North Shore is without question.  The complex systems in play illustrate water’s connections to food, energy, people, and link it to the unknown future posed by climate change. 

VTT created a mini GEOnarrative for Big Branch Marsh NWR to illustrate some of the connections between humans and the environment.  Though reaching younger minds to help them understand the importance of the wetlands and why they need to care, “Education” programs are needed for the adults, who depend TODAY on the health of this critical environmental region.  GEOnarratives can help them better understand the interconnected between the ecological and economic well-being.

(See for more information on education programs offered by Big Branch Marsh NWR.)